The Red File (1988)

Composed, written og constructed using equipment from Korg and the legendary Amiga Computer from Commodore (using KCS from Dr. T's).

recorded at Silence Studio, Koppom Sweden winter/summer 1988.

Produced by Beranek, engineers Anders Lind and Henrik Cederberg.

Mastering: Mikkel Schille


Beranek: Vocal, guitar, synthesizer, drums, programming

Ellen K. Hvattum: Vocal

Anne Hoseth: Vocal

Henrik Cederberg: Bass

Tom Pike: Photo

Johnny Niska: Prints

Animal Vision: Design

Originally released by Animal Voice on CBS Records, September 26th 1988.

Catalogue number CBS 460902 1

30 years anniversary editiion available

for streaming from September 28th 2018

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