X-RAY (1983)

Rock album of 1983 (Spellemannprisen).

Produced by Beranek

Engineered by Sverre E. Henriksen and Alf Chr. Hvidsteen.


Beranek: Triangel etc.

Anne Danielsen: Vocal

Bernt Biberg: Bass

Sverre E. Henriksen: Bass

Hans Olav Forsang: Photos and cover

Originally released by Snowflake Records, February 14th 1983.

Remastered and digitally released by Animal Voice, April 10th 2007.

2019 remastering available June 1st  2019

Catalogue number CLP3039 / ANIMAL 5-1

Side A:

It's So Strong (Beranek)

I Believe In You (Beranek)

City Lights  (Beranek)

Silence In The Night (Beranek)

Crazy Things (And Normal Days) (Beranek)

Side B:

Walking In The Dark (Beranek)

Hope I Didn't Call Your Name (Beranek/Ribu)

A  Song Of Kindness (Beranek)

Exit (Beranek)

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